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5 Easy Ways You Can Have More Money at the End of Each Month

Do you find yourself broker than broke at the end of each month? It doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many things you can do to easily cut your expenses. Whether you cut an expense each month or consolidate your debt, you can have more money at the end of each month.

1. Find One Expense to Cut Each Month

We all make those purchases each week that we really don’t need. It might be the lunches you buy at work or that yummy cup of coffee. Whatever your vise is, you could save a lot of money dropping it. For example, if you buy a $4 cup of coffee five days a week that’s $20 a week or $80 a month. If you can cut something new each month (or each week, if you really want to save), you’ll soon have a nice balance in your bank account.

2. Eat Less Take-out

The cost of take-out food and dining out can get very expensive. Yeah, it’s easier than having to cook, but if you take into account how much you spend on eating out each month, you’d be surprised how much money you could be saving if you prepared more meals at home.

3. Consolidate Debt

Look at how much you’re sending out to each credit card, loan, and other debt each month. Add these figures up and it’s probably a lot. When you consolidate all these bills into one payment, you’ll have a lot of money left over each month. This can easily cut your costs going to debt by half or more.

4. Make the Switch

There are so many options available that let you say goodbye to the traditional cable and satellite companies. Netflix and Amazon video (free for Prime members) are among those options. Another option is Playstation Vue which allows you to watch many of your favorite channels for a fraction of the cost. Best of all, there’s no contract or hidden fees. The top package costs only $44.99 a month plus tax. Make the switch and you could save over $1000 a year!

5. Rethink Your Groceries

Groceries are one of the largest expenses for many families. Unfortunately, a lot of what makes it into the cart are items you really don’t need. For example, you really don’t need three rolls of cookie dough or two containers of ice cream. Cutting the junk from your grocery bill can make a huge difference in how much money you have left over each month. You can also use coupons to cut your grocery bill in half! You can find free coupons in your Sunday paper and even print free coupons online.

You don’t have to be broke at the end of each month. There are so many great ways to save money that will boost your bank account. Whether it’s making the switch to a cheaper TV option or rethinking your grocery expenses, you can easily have more money at the end of each month.

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