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15 Brilliant Road Trip Hacks

Taking a road trip with kids can be a bit daunting. Between keeping the kids from being bored, staying within budget, and all of the potty stops, it can make the road trip seem unending. I’ve been there. We took a trip to the mountains last Christmas, and it was a good 8 hours from our house. It took us around 12 hours with the kids. Longest road trip ever.

Here are some road trip hacks to keep your sanity, keep you on budget, and make you look like super mom.

1. Road Trip Snack Pack

2. Mapping Out Your Route

3. Safety Gear For Your Trip

4. Ultimate Road Trip Kit

5. Road Trip Games For Kids

6. Printable Road Trip Packing List

7. Eight Packing Hacks

8. Genius Road Trip Hacks When Traveling With Kids

9. Eating Healthy On Your Road Trip

10. How To Pack Your Car For A Road Trip

11. Top Road Trip Essentials To Have On Hand

12. Road Trip First Aid Kit

13. Best Ways To Save Money On Your Road Trip

14. How To Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh On Your Road Trip

15. Road Trip Busy Bags For Kids

Give these brilliant road trip hacks a try to see if it makes your next road trip go any smoother.

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